What’s in a mistake?

Icarus Shawl

I’m so dang mad at this shawl right now.

In reality, though, I’m really, really mad at myself. I’m on the first chart, working on my second repeat of that red box you see in the upper left-hand corner, when something so… craptastic happened. A few stitches fell off my needle (apparently), and unraveled a row or two.

Unfortunately, this is not a problem I can easily fix where it is. I’m going to have to unknit at least two rows. I haven’t worked on the shawl in a week because I’m too mad to be patient to unknit my stitches (instead, I’ve been finding sewing projects to do).

I’ve found that the best thing to do in these situations is to just put everything aside until you’re not mad any more. Perhaps when I pick it up again, I’ll magically figure out how to fix it without unknitting; if not, I’ll spend a half hour doing the work, and put it aside again until I am ready to move past it.

Hopefully I can work up the mental energy to get back on track with this project by the end of the week. I’m on a tight deadline, and I know that the charts after the first one are going to test my patience in a way that I have never experienced (there will be lifelines).

What do you do when you know you’ve got to un-do and re-do something?

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One thought on “What’s in a mistake?

  1. […] had to lay down a few rules for this top, though. Since I’m knitting the Icarus shawl at the same time, and that one has a definite due date (May first, to wear to a wedding), […]

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