Dreaming about a new dress.

Oh, how I dream about this dress.

I picked up this pattern last week when I ran into JoAnn’s to pick up some elastic for the bloomers I was making, though I didn’t really need to bring a new pattern home. I just couldn’t help myself into looking through the pattern books, and fell in love with this one.

I am thinking about styles A and B in particular. I think this dress has just the right amount of playfullness for me, while still being grown-up enough to wear to work, and not feel like I’m over dressed. I have no fabric yet, just an idea.  Things that need to be decided:

  • Sleeves or no sleeves? (I already know I’m going with the shorter skirt.)
  • What type of fabric? (cotton, linen, something else entirely?)
  • Solid or patterned?

I’m sure there are many other things that I’ll need to figure out, but while I sew little projects with my fabric stash, this is the one that will be on the back of my mind, keeping my eye out for the perfect fabric, and the right time to get it done.

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