Birthday Presents.

My sister asked for something handmade this year.

Last week we were talking about her birthday, and I said I wouldn’t be able to get her anything, what with my lack of a paycheck to purchase anything. That’s when she mentioned that she’d rather I make her something.

Turns out, she was jealous of all the gifts I had been making for the rest of my friends. It never occured to me because, well, my sister doesn’t seem like the type to value hand made. Anyway, since it was a request I could easily handle, I decided to sew her a couple of things with what was in the fabric stash.


First up, but last made, is a box pouch I made her. It’s not the best, mostly because I lacked rulers and a t-square to make sure that the pleats made a perfect box. I added a handle, and decided to do the pleats on the outside, for visual interest.


Usually, the box pouches you see have the sides sewn facing inside, but I have a makeup bag that has the pleats on the outside, and I really like the way that it looks. The lining has the inside sewn like you normally see it, so that there is still structure for the bag.

FredFred's Coat

Also, I made her a dog coat for her puppy FredFred. I actually made it twice, because the first one was too small (turns out he’s a small, not an extra small). The pattern came out of the book One Yard Wonders, and was super quick to whip up. It took me probably an hour from cutting to finishing. Good thing, since I made it twice.

The smaller one that I made first assuming FredFred was an extra-small, is sized exactly right for my ninja to fit in, and he enjoys wearing it and pretending he is superman.

I think I did okay for my sister. I would definitely make more dog coats for FredFred from the pattern. The small size fits him exactly right, and is adorable. I could see it in a yellow vinyl for a rain coat.

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