Knit sweater conundrum.

In addition to dreaming about a new dress to sew, I’m also longing to knit myself a sweater.

I knit up my first one last October/November, and have been in love with it ever since. Except for the part where the yarn I used is so increadibly itchy. (That’s what I get for buying yarn online and for not knowing what I was getting into, having made the purchase only a few months into my knitting life.)

So, I’m dreaming of a sweater. And while I know I probably won’t start on it until the middle of summer—having to save up for whichever sweater I choose—I can’t help but want to start planning ahead of time.

Right now, I have my eye on three patterns, all of which I have the patterns lying around for. Which only makes me want to knit them even more.

Rogue sweater Rogue by Jenna Wilson

To be perfectly honest, this is the sweater I’ve been coveting the longest, and the sweater I had originally bought the itchy yarn for. I bought the pattern over five years ago, and pull out my copy once and awhile to look at it in all it’s lovely glory. I love the cables. I adore the kangaroo pocket. The hood is just brilliant. I know I will knit the sweater; it’s really all just a matter of when. Do I want to knit it first, and know it will take me the longest to do, not because it’s hard, but because cables require attention to be paid.

Owls Closeup2 Owls by Kate Davies

This sweater just calls to me. I love the owl detail along the yolk. I love the added detail of the little button eyes. It seems like everyone and their sister knit this sweater up this winter, and that doesn’t dissuade one little bit.  It’s a bit more plain than the other two sweaters, but that’s part of it’s appeal. Until I reached the yolk, I could knit it while watching TV with the mister. I would probably buy the updated pattern, even though it was originally free, because I think that people should be rewarded for things I find awesome. And this sweater really tops the awesome scale. I also really like the variations I’ve seen with shorter sleeves.

market5 Farmer’s Market Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio

From the Fall ’09 Interweave Knits, I fell in love with this sweater immediately after I finished my itch-fest. I adore cardigans, since I’m often pulling sweatshirts on and off when it’s not ridiculously cold out, and I love the cable details at the pockets that flow up and around for the shawl collar. Every time I pull on Girl Friday I wish it had pockets even though I know pockets would never ever work with that pattern.

I’d like to think that over the course of the year I might be able to knit all three of these sweaters. First I’d have to be able to purchase yarn for them, but then I’d need to not procrastinate enough to get it done. If you had a vote, though, which would you most like to see me tackle on this here blog?

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