YouTube Knitting Tutorial Round-up

When I first learned to knit, I didn’t have anyone to learn from. I forgot that my mom knew how (she doesn’t knit much at all anymore), and no one else I knew knit either. YouTube didn’t exist, and a high-speed internet connection was just a hope and a wish instead of reality. I learned how to knit from a book designed for children (I was 18), and supplemented my knowledge with my ever-growing knitting book collection.

The best thing ever to happen, though, was the creation of YouTube, and with it, the knitting tutorials. With how-to videos, I could finally figure out how to do that cast on that pictures didn’t do justice, how to knit a sock on one needle by watching someone do it, how to knit with a yarn in each hand.

I thought I’d round up my most valued YouTube tutorials for knitting. These are the videos I go back to for reference, or that taught me a new technique that I wanted to learn. I didn’t embed them here because some don’t allow embedding, and I think it’s much better to see them on the YouTube site. The related videos that get listed on the right of the screen are just as good, and may often show you a different way to do the same technique.

Favorite YouTube Knitting Tutorials

  1. Twisted German Cast On by theknitwitch: I can’t seem to remember how to do this cast on when I need it, but this is a great cast on for socks. It has the right amount of stretch to hold your socks up but not hold on too tight.
  2. Knitting on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi: This technique is much easier to understand when you see it done, but it allows you to knit any diameter circular project with out double pointed needles. I liked it for knitting socks until I learned magic loop knitting.
  3. Magic Loop Knitting by thelazyknitter:  Another technique for knitting in the round, with only one needle no matter the object circumference. This is my preferred method for circular knitting these days.
  4. Continental Knitting by ackwood: This type of knitting is done by holding the working yarn in your left hand. I usually hold my yarn in the right hand, but I used this video to practice continental knitting so that I could to stranded color-work with a yarn in each hand.
  5. Yarn Harlot Knitting by cuteknitter: The Yarn Harlot, aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, knits using the “Irish Cottage” method which is different from both english and continental styles. She’s wicked fast with her knitting, and makes me want to try it too.

These are my top five favorite knitting videos, but I come across more all the time. If you want to see what I mark as a favorite (almost usually a craft video, but sometimes something else that strikes me as awesome slips in), feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel (my user name over there is Unsympathetic)

What are some of your favorite YouTube videos, knitting or other craft related? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!.

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3 thoughts on “YouTube Knitting Tutorial Round-up

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  2. charlotte says:

    my eight year old grand daughter wants to knit. She llives out of state. I showed her how to cast on and she caught on right away. do not get to see her often.

    • Lisa Hightower says:

      Charlotte, that’s really awesome! My grandma on my mom’s side lived across the country, so I didn’t get to see her often. I do think of her all the time as I craft, though, as I inherited her sewing machine after she passed. She’s not the one who taught me, but she is the one who enabled me to continue doing it.

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