Once again into the lace.

Delphine Top

Because I apparently didn’t feel like I had enough lace knitting on my plate, I decided to once again start Delphine, the lacy cap-sleeved top. The pattern is originally from French Girl Knits (a book I am longing to add to my collection), but luckily for me, the pattern was also excerpted in the Spring ’09 issue of Interweave Knits.

In all, I think I’ve started this top about 10 times. The photo above is actually from the last time I started knitting it, when after about five inches I had come to the realization that it was never going to fit be, as I was in denial about what size I really was. All the other times I started it, I usually screwed up on the first two rows; sometimes I twisted the join, sometimes I didn’t have enough stitches, sometimes I completely screwed up the lace repeat. The yarn I’m working with, though, has held up nicely to the repeat man-handling. It’s Knit Pick’s Shine in the sport weight. I love how it feels and how it looks when knit up. I may never try a different type of cotton yarn.

This time, I seem to be going along well. I’m about four inches in, and I haven’t majorly screwed up the lace pattern yet. I seem to have a hard time remembering the yarn-over before the purl stitch on the first row of the pattern repeat, but I usually catch myself, and yarn-overs are easy enough to pick up on the next round when you see you’ve got them.

I’ve had to lay down a few rules for this top, though. Since I’m knitting the Icarus shawl at the same time, and that one has a definite due date (May first, to wear to a wedding), I’ve sternly told myself that I can’t knit on the top until I’ve finished at least one pattern repeat of the shawl that week.

So right now, I’m staring longingly at the top while I forge on ahead with the 4th pattern repeat of the chart I’m on. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to work on the top by Wednesday. It makes good TV knitting for me since I find the four-row pattern repeat easily memorized, and easy to work on while not looking.

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