[Adjective] Sunday

I apparently suck at a “weekly” feature—I’m working on it! Last weekend was a last-minute trip to Redding to visit the mister’s family and help with the massive spring-cleaning effort out at his great-aunts. I’m sure our time is coming; the back yard here is calling out for help.

The last two days have been spent preparing for, and then executing a full-reboot of my computer. The mister had bought a copy of Snow Leopard about a month ago, and it took that long for me to muster up enough nerve to do a full back up, a Time Machine backup, and then hit the switch and delete everything to start over fresh with a OS upgrade.

Everything is running great, pulling out the libraries I needed for particular apps has been a breeze (like all of my half-written blog posts in Ecto, and my Delicious Library). I particularly think it was easy because the mister works for Apple in tech support, and thus actually supervised the whole deal.

Anyway. So this week is a bit short; I guess I didn’t see too much that floated my boat to the point that I wanted to share it with every one. Not sure if that is a product of the week, or just me personally. Or maybe my internets. It’s been horridly slow this week, so less web surfing was done.

  • Am seriously loving the pants over on Green Apples. I’ve never been a fan of the high-waisted look, but these pants look amazing. Next time I find Vogue patterns on sale for 99¢, I’m going to have to pick up this one.
  • There are can cozies, and then there are can cozies. You know you want your beers to be kept cold in a Star Trek uniform. Found at Knit Faster.
  • Check out these awesome egg crafts by Benita over at Chez Larsson. Each one starts with a blown egg shell cut into shape with a dremel tool, and she shows you not only the finished object, but how she put each one together, with a little story to boot!
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