[Adjective] Sunday

Oh hi! Happy Easter! I totally remembered that I was supposed to share awesome stuff on Sunday!

This week we’re traveling, celebrating Easter + the mister’s birthday together. I like it because I’ll still get my very own Easter basket from his mom (my mom say’s we’re too old for them, but we still get a spring “outfit,” this year it was new gym shoes for me).

Anyways, I found some awesome stuff this week, and not all to do with Easter!

  • I don’t particularly like to eat Peeps, but they do make adorable decoration, especially when reproduced in felt for as bunting, via Dana-Made-It.
  • I love fabric, it’s true, and over at True Up, Kim has an interview with Jessica Levitt on her new fabric line, which I can’t stop thinking about. Also, leave a comment over there and be entered in to win a fat quarter pack of the fabrics talked about.
  • Have I mentioned my love of robots? Over at Stitch-Craft, Holly made a memory game with a robot dingbat font, cardstock, and fabric. I would love just the adorable bag she made to store the game.
  • Even though I don’t have my own dining table (still living at home, sigh), I adored this post by David Lebovitz on the French usage of cloth napkins. And of course am inspired to do something similar at my own table.


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