Knitting and Sewing and Thinking

It may seem like I’m not making anything with the lack of posts going on. I found that when I started blogging over here, ideas were flowing like water. Besides, I had a large back-up of things I wanted to talk about, but were too crafty for my personal blog. So, for a few weeks, I managed to get a post up nearly every day.

I kept up hope that my crafty friends would join me. They all craft and blog, and seemed really excited about the idea of a group blog. But the days went on, and it turns out that they were petrified of posting something not interesting, and so it is still all me, all the time.

However, since it’s just me, the posts have been trailing off. I don’t really do too many in-process posts of my projects because either things are going well but slow, or don’t take me too long at all. Also, I try to be crafty every day, but that hasn’t yet translated to writing every day. (Trust me, I’m working on it.)

For the last few days, as I work exclusively on my Icarus shawl, I have been thinking about the differences between knitting and sewing.

Last week, as I was working on the A-Plus A-Line skirt, family dinner happened to fall right in the middle of my project. When my grandma showed up for dinner, I was right in the middle of attaching the lining to the waistband.

When I finally emerged from the back room, and making my excuses for why I didn’t come out right away, my grandma mentioned that she didn’t know I was into sewing again, since I hadn’t mentioned it previously. (We will have to ignore the obvious part where I sewed a birthday present for the mister about two weeks previous, and that grandma was there when he opened it up with much exclaiming that he couldn’t believe I had made it.)

It’s pretty easy to not really know that someone sews, especially if they don’t have a dedicated sewing area. I have to set up and break down my sewing machine set up each and every time I decided to sew. I think this makes me think more about the projects I tackle and whether they are worth the effort of pulling out the machine.

Knitting, on the other hand, requires much less effort, in terms of project availability. Once I set up for a new project with a copy of the pattern, needles, yarn, and any other needed tool into a project bag, I can work on my project no matter where I am. I’m not tied to a specific location like I am with a sewing project.  So, everyone knows I knit because I take my knitting everywhere.

I find myself lately thinking about a ton of things I want to sew, but I have no energy to do the set-up and break-down, so I find myself knitting a lot more, and thinking about more and more knitting projects.

I love both crafts. I learned to sew long before I learned to knit, but I find myself more willing to take risks in my knitting because if I screw something up, I can just take it off the needles and have my base yarn again. If I screw up a sewing project, I’m out my materials, because I can’t start over with screwed up fabric and thread.

I really wish I had my own craft room. The mister promises that one day I will (to make up for his computer room that will be filled with “junk” I will have nothing to do with). If I had a dedicated area to sew, an area that didn’t have to be put away at the end of my sewing time, I think I’d be more likely to take up small projects like bags and pouches.


Also, I only have two more rows and the cast-off on my Icarus shawl. I’m pretty excited and I think I’ll make my deadline of April 30th.

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