[Adjective] Sunday

I seem to be on a sewing kick these past few weeks. The only knitting I’m allowed (or that I want to do) is Icarus, so that I can get it done in time for a friend’s May 1 wedding. That means that all other crafting is of the fabric variety.

My mom still likes to get us Easter clothes, but I convinced her this year that I would much rather have fabric to make a skirt or dress. So, I walked out of the store with fabric enough for two skirts or dresses (they take the same amount of yardage) and a new pair of Fiskars dressmaker scissors. I’m pretty excited.

  • Over at Casey’s Elegant Musings, there’s a really great post about how to get perfect patch pockets. Which is so very helpful to me, because I can never seem to get mine looking crisp and perfect. This technique will really help next time.
  • Having a travel document holder last time we went on vacation probably would have helped me not freak out about 10 times about where my passport and money had got off to. Luckily, there’s a tutorial over at Thimble for how to make one. Will have to make one before my next trip.
  • From my very own google search: How to sew a blind hem by hand, over at Craftzine. The by-hand part is important, because without it, you get results that require a sewing machine (which I have) and a special foot (which I do not). Very helpful when hemming up my A Plus A Line skirt last week.

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One thought on “[Adjective] Sunday

  1. britt says:

    That blind-hem-by-hand tutorial is helpful indeed! I always wondered how it was done… I’ve had or seen a number of vintage garments that were hemmed with this technique but never quite figured it out.

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