Sewn monster seeking brother


Koji looks mournfully out the window into Eureka's foggy skies ... He knows he has a brother soon to come.

“Koji” is one of 24 patterns in the Wee Wonderfuls book and is made from corduroy, vintage buttons from my grandmother’s sewing drawer, felt and striped flannel. Angry Chicken mentioned a few times how adorable the dolls in Wee Wonderfuls are (which prompted me to seek out the book) and I have to agree. Blogger Hillary Lang  wrote the book and each doll pattern is unique, not just variations on a theme. Upon first seeing the Koji monster pattern, I knew I would have to make one but I didn’t realize when I bought the book that I would be making two.

My friend Jessica became pregnant with twins earlier this year, and I immediately set to crocheting her a bird baby mobile based on a pattern in Amigurumi Two by Ana Paula. If you want to have a project done by the time the baby shower comes around, you have to start early! I did not know the gender of the babies-to-be when I started the mobile, but I figured birds were a safe bet no matter what the kids would be.

Turns out first-time mother Jessica is destined to give birth to two boys (ack!). I knew immediately that matching Kojis would be the answer for my post-baby shower gift. Jessica and her husband are both lovers of all things tie-dye for their babies, and I happened to find hand-painted corduroy fabric from Arcata’s Fabric Temptations that looks a lot like tie-dye. I still need to add the spikes to the first Koji before he is finished, and then I will cut his brother from the same cloth (and potentially give him different colored spikes and eyes).

Until then, Koji 1.0 waits.

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