Mend it Monday — Darn socks!

Three Darned Socks

Holey socks have become usable darned socks.

One of the burdens of being one who wields needle and thread is I am also the designated clothing repair expert of the house. After I left home and went to college, my mother would still patch something up if I couldn’t, but now I live about four hours away. Much too far for a ripped stitch.

So began my most recent quest to repair a pair of pants and three pairs of socks for my sometimes-celebrated Mend it Monday. The pants were easy, as they were just a ripped stitch.

For those who are uninitiated, when you repair a sock, it is called darning. I previously bought a wooden darning egg from Arcata’s Fabric Temptations and I always have tapestry/yarn needles around; all that was left was for me to do was to learn how to darn socks. I had never done so before but I was feeling impatient, so I just glanced at a few diagrams and had at it.

Here’s the breakdown of my slapdash way to mend a holey sock (based loosely on the tutorial at the  ZigZag Stitch blog):

  1. Insert wooden darning egg into sock. Stretch the hole over the top of the egg.
  2. Thread yarn or thread onto tapestry needle (or any kind of blunt tipped needle). I used yarn that was split in half because I felt it would last longer, even those these socks aren’t yarn-based. Also, I had matching yarn colors for all three socks.
  3. Insert needle about a quarter-inch or half-inch away from the edge of the hole. Pull through then insert the needle on the other edge of the hole, putting the same distance between where you insert the needle and the hole’s edge.

    In the midst of darning

    Completing the first set of stitches across.

  4. Repeat across. When you’ve finished, run another line of stitches across that are perpendicular to the first set. Weave through the previously laid stitches as you go across.
  5. Weave in or cut loose ends.
Although this may not be the official way to darn a pair of store-bought socks, they fit well and give my three pairs of socks a little longer to live.

One thought on “Mend it Monday — Darn socks!

  1. Lovely! I just interviewed a darner over at my blog:

    Perhaps you, too, should consider setting up shop? @:-)

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