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Mending Clothes With a Little Heart (or Two)

What makes a blue and yellow streaked stain anyway?

I was helping a friend patch up some of his wardrobe this weekend and realized I had a whole pile of clothes awaiting the same treatment. Inspired to finally complete what needed to be done, I took to needle and thread to fix up two blouses and a turtleneck sweater with easy-to-mend seam rips.

My final task was not as easy. I had this white, wide necked blouse that I really liked, but it somehow got these light blue and yellow stains on the front. I’m not sure what they were from — perhaps something bled on it in the wash? — but I had been meaning to cover the stains up via bleach, dye or magic for at least two years.

That’s right. I put off a mending project that took me 30 minutes for more than two years.

Crafter’s procrastination continues to astound me.

When I finally set down to do it, I decided immediately that I wanted patches done in a colorful but somewhat slapdash fashion. So I used a few of the fabrics left over from my topsy turvy doll project and traced a heart shape using a water soluble pen. I cut one and intended to have it appear as if it were streaking across my shirt, since the stains were on both the left and right of the front. However, I didn’t have enough fabric to pull it off, so I settled for a heart on either side.

I then got to use one of the special stitches on my Kenmore sewing machine to create a vine of clovers all the way around each heart in red. The edges are rough and I’m curious to see how it turns out after its first wash. If it sucks, I haven’t worn this shirt in a long time anyway.

Just because, I also cut off all the boring white buttons and replaced them with slightly larger yellow buttons pulled from the depths of my grandmother’s sewing desk. While these only barely made it through the button holes, they are really only for decoration anyway, so no matter.

After finalizing the project, I accidentally created a small rip in the front of the shirt. Sigh. At least I was in a repairing mood, eh?

Heart patches in ACTION!

Another stained blouse rescued with homemade goodness.

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