St. Patrick’s Day Runner and Other Gifts From Mom

I haven’t had much time to craft lately, but my thoughtful mother sent me this surprise in the mail:

With Valentine Towel!

Gifts from Home -- Thanks, Mom!

The St. Patrick’s Day towel and runner are especially fantastic because I have a love of four leaved clovers. I love the fabrics she chose for the towels, too. Or perhaps they are heavy duty napkins? I suppose I could use them for either task.

She has used that runner pattern a lot recently — I’ve had a runner for almost every season for the past six months and I know my sister has received a few. No complaints here!

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One thought on “St. Patrick’s Day Runner and Other Gifts From Mom

  1. Your mom is so awesome! I am in love with table runners these days. Our dining table is small and an odd shaped oval, so placemats will not work, but a table runner looks amazing.

    And as a side note, if its square it’s a napkin, if it rectangular it’s a towel. And one day I really want to make some napkins for the table. I prefer the bigger size of cloth napkins to cover more of my lap, but I’m not a fan of hauling a ton of stuff down to the laundry. Maybe when we finally get to move into a house.

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