Have you ever been an adjective robot? Have you ever been prone to over use words like awesome, ridiculous, fantastic, brilliant, amazing? Have you ever been shopping and thought to yourself, I could totally make that better and for less cash? If so, you’ll probably like it here.

The beginnings of this site are pretty basic. A bunch of real-life friends (you really do meet your best friends in college) were very crafty. But then we had to move far, far apart, making it much harder to share our awesome finds; from what we saw in the stores, to what we coveted online, to what we made with our own hands, we wanted an easy way to show it off.

For awhile, we were all about FaceBook. But then we realised two things:

  • Sadly, most of our friends do not find the hand-made crafty goodness as awesome as we do.
  • Also, FaceBook is a really bad medium for sharing this sort of stuff.

We know what you’re thinking: Facebook was made for sharing! Sure it was, but it’s terrible for sharing multiple links at once; for sharing photos that aren’t yours; and for facilitating an actual on-going discussion (because lets face it, if something isn’t at the top of your news feed, you just won’t participate, and things get pushed down really quickly).

There was one last problem with FaceBook: it was much harder to interact with the crafting community at large. We’re a big fan of privacy on FaceBook (it’s why we chose it over MySpace, after all), and so we like to keep our cards close to our chests over there. Which makes it hard to see how other people are reacting to the awesome we found.

So, blog it was.

After all, we’re actually all really familiar with blogging. We each have our own personal blogs, where we talk about the stuff that interests us. But we wanted a place to be together, to inspire each other (and everyone else) with what we made, what we love, what we covet.

We hope you join us; handcrafting is something that each of us is connected to in a personal way, and it connects us to the past, when if you wanted something, you made it yourself or knew the person who made it for you. Everything was one of a kind, made by hand. It wasn’t about easy mass-production, but about individualizing something to fit your needs exactly.

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