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Saturday Quick Fixes

I’d like to say that I’m starting a new feature here… But my skill of posting every week is obviously not up to par for the life of a weekly feature. So, lets say I’m starting a semi-regular feature for when I can come up with something appropriate.

What is a Saturday Quick Fix? It’s something that you can do all in one day, and that will make a difference in how you feel about your environment/wardrobe/life. In essence, it’s something small you can do that will give you a bit of pleasure to know that you’ve done it.

Before and after of ironed curtains hanging side by side.

Today’s quick fix is something that took me over a year to do — ironing my curtains.

When the mister and I moved into this apartment, we scored big on clearance curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond. $300 curtains for $30. They were in exactly the right color and the perfect price point. They cover both windows in the front room, using six panels total. All I did was take them out of the package, shake them out, and hang them up, secure in the idea that they wrinkles and creases would let themselves out because these are heavy curtains and gravity was going to work for me.

Of course, it didn’t work that way. My mom had come to visit and told me I should iron them. I completely ignored her. A year later though, I couldn’t have her over for dinner commenting on how my curtains were¬†still wrinkly. (Yes my mom comes over to visit very seldom; she’d much rather I make the drive to visit than have to drive over to my place.)

The only way to remedy it? To pull them down an iron them. Now, if you had a stand up steamer, that would work to.

The curtains look 100% better now. It took me the better part of a day or two to get all six panels done — two for the small window, four for the window above. It may have taken me awhile, but it really was a quick fix. The curtains look better, pool at the floor better, and don’t look like my home had been attacked by a wrinkle monster.

If you haven’t ironed (or steamed) your curtains since you took them out of the package, do it! You’ll be pleased at how much better they look, and wonder how you lived with them looking like the did for so long.

At least, I wondered. A whole year? That is some crazy wrinkles.

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