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One Night, One Fabric, Two Projects

My sewing machine was still humming late into the evening yesterday as I anxiously attempted to wrap up the last few details. There are few things worse than going to bed with a nearly complete craft project — only a really good book is worse to walk away from. So I stayed up past my usual time.

One reason I was trying to wrap it up before bed is the two projects were (literally) cut from the same cloth — I had already finished one and felt I should complete the second one, too. The other reason is I am stubborn and I wanted to finish everything that night. Unfortunately, I got a bit sloppy and I was working with a few materials I’m not as used to.

The first project was a fabric waste receptacle to hang in the car. I’m hoping my husband and I will actually use it, but even if not, it’s pretty cute. The pattern is from the first One-Yard Wonder book and the fabric is Odyessa by Momo for ModaFabrics.com.

"Not-Ugly Car Trash Bag" from One-Yard Wonder pattern

"Not-Ugly Car Trash Bag" from One-Yard Wonder pattern

I love that fabric! I bought it quite some time ago with the intention of doing just this. The One-Yard Wonder book doesn’t always use up a whole yard, and that was the case with this one. I lso just noticed the loose thread on the bag in the first photo. Luckily it wasn’t attached — just a scrap.

It fit nicely on the passenger’s seat:

Not-Ugly Car Trash Bag

Not-Ugly Car Trash Bag in the car

It may have used half a yard or less, which is why I had enough to make this DIY Kindle cover:

Handmade Sewn Kindle Cover

DIY Kindle Cover to protect my little e-reader

Maybe I should call it a Kindle cozy? I just made up the pattern as I went. Basically, I cut two long strips of fabric a couple inches wider than my Kindle. I determined the length by doubling the height of the Kindle and adding five inches for the flap. I bought some batting to place between the two, then I sewed the red bias tape from my grandmother’s stash all the way around (this is where I got sloppy). I then folded the piece to create a pocket for the Kindle, leaving enough to create a flap over. I sewed the two sides together to create the pocket, and then I turned it inside out.

Unfortunately, my sloppy stitches meant that the bias tape had not been sewn in place on the bottom side (though it was all stitched on the top side). I had to make the pocket even smaller to make the stitching work, but that turned out to be a bit of a blessing. The Kindle now fits much more snugly than it otherwise would have.

Fabric Kindle Cover -- handmade!

My little Kindle fits nicely in my finished e-book cover.

I still haven’t decided how I want to keep it closed. I added that ribbon as a last minute effort, as I was fading and didn’t want to mess up any more stitching. I may actually stitch the ribbon in place to act as a tie or I may just use no-sew Velcro.

All things considered though, late night sewing or not, my DIY Kindle cover and car trash bag turned out pretty well, actually. Even more importantly, one of my craft New Year’s resolutions was to finish that trash bag project! On to that dress …

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Brainstorming presents for the Mister’s birthday.

Not much craft related going on today; I actually get to do some (real) office work and I’m on a break right now.

I’m thinking about hitting up the local Hancock fabrics tonight or tomorrow; the Mister’s birthday is at the end of the month, and there’s a few things I’m thinking of making him. I’ve got a 10% off coupon as well, and I’m not afraid to use it.

Since the Mister loves the outdoors (Eagle Scout and all that), I’m thinking I’ll make him a kite from One Yard Wonders, and perhaps the placemats for camping. I’m trying to come up with inexpensive stuff I can craft that he would like.

If I was super handy with a block of wood and a drill, I’d make him a cribbage board; we love to play when we’re camping, but we don’t have a board of our own. Sure, I know you can keep score with paper, but there is something nice about a self-contained unit that stores a deck of cards as well.

We’ve been dating a little short of a year and a half, and friends for about a year more, and it’s hard to come up with creative ideas for him. I don’t want to start giving him gifts that his mom is more than willing to take care of (socks, shorts, etc.); I want him to be genuinely surprised and thrilled with what he unwraps.

It’s a darn good thing he’s an even bigger geeky dork than me, since usually it means if it tickles my funny bone, it will his as well.

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Birthday Presents.

My sister asked for something handmade this year.

Last week we were talking about her birthday, and I said I wouldn’t be able to get her anything, what with my lack of a paycheck to purchase anything. That’s when she mentioned that she’d rather I make her something.

Turns out, she was jealous of all the gifts I had been making for the rest of my friends. It never occured to me because, well, my sister doesn’t seem like the type to value hand made. Anyway, since it was a request I could easily handle, I decided to sew her a couple of things with what was in the fabric stash.


First up, but last made, is a box pouch I made her. It’s not the best, mostly because I lacked rulers and a t-square to make sure that the pleats made a perfect box. I added a handle, and decided to do the pleats on the outside, for visual interest.


Usually, the box pouches you see have the sides sewn facing inside, but I have a makeup bag that has the pleats on the outside, and I really like the way that it looks. The lining has the inside sewn like you normally see it, so that there is still structure for the bag.

FredFred's Coat

Also, I made her a dog coat for her puppy FredFred. I actually made it twice, because the first one was too small (turns out he’s a small, not an extra small). The pattern came out of the book One Yard Wonders, and was super quick to whip up. It took me probably an hour from cutting to finishing. Good thing, since I made it twice.

The smaller one that I made first assuming FredFred was an extra-small, is sized exactly right for my ninja to fit in, and he enjoys wearing it and pretending he is superman.

I think I did okay for my sister. I would definitely make more dog coats for FredFred from the pattern. The small size fits him exactly right, and is adorable. I could see it in a yellow vinyl for a rain coat.

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