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DIY Wall Decor on the Cheap

Moving isn’t always an option when you get tired of an apartment, but changing what it looks like is. I got tired of the blank walls in my apartment, but didn’t want to over-saturate the space with photos (two are posted above our desktop in the living room). I decided to make my own with what I had (because buying new supplies for every project makes for a crowded craft space!). I followed a Pinterest post for an easy DIY wall art from origami paper, which was posted on How About Orange.

The first one I made with solid colored paper:

DIY Wall Art

The second one I made using origami paper that had a somewhat oriental theme. Just for fun, I reversed a row of the squares:

DIY Wall Art with oriental pattern

After only thinking about it for two weeks, I finally got a bug in my bonnet about it and did it. I had a bunch of spare origami paper that I have had around for years, and this project used up just about all of it. I also happened to have thin Styrofoam packaging laying around, which is what I used as the backing. Check out the original post for how to fold the squares.

I measured and cut the Styrofoam, then taped the squares on by looping small pieces of packing tape. This worked well. What I had more trouble with was getting my “wall art” to stay on the wall. I tried looped packing tape, but after a few hours, both art pieces would fall. I also tried hanging them, but this also turned out unsuccessful, as the strings would rip through the Styrofoam eventually. Finally, I bought some mounting putty and it stuck!

I also printed and posted the Fixer’s Manifesto, framing it with blue paper. Check it out below:


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