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Crochet Hot Air Balloons in the Sky

Sometimes when the news of something hits me, I am instantly struck with a thought that I must make happen. When we talk about moving, I think of a house with a garden. When it came time to rearrange the furniture,  I knew exactly where I wanted everything to go and what I needed to add to the walls. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I needed to make hot air balloons. Several of them.

We’re excited about the prospect of a little one coming next year, but since we still don’t know the gender, it’s hard to plan cute dresses or dinosaur bed sheets (although no matter the gender, the tyke might get both!). But hot air balloons — who doesn’t love a hot air balloon? They’re colorful, fun and you can fly in them! When I let the knowledge sink in that I was brewin’ a babe, I instantly pictured five or more hot air balloons of different colors hanging from the ceiling of the future Edrington’s space.

Hence, this adorable kitten hanging currently from my living room window.


O hai there!

The hot air balloon pattern is from Amigurumi Two by Ana Paula Rimoli, and the kitten is from Super Cute amigurumi by Annie Obaachan. I’m a sucker for those Suncatcher cat eyes, too, which I bought on Etsy a while back from Michelle McLaughlin.  Such brilliant colors! Much better than the ones they used to sell at Joann’s (but don’t anymore, from what I can tell locally).

I’ll admit, the nose is a little sloppy. Before I had sewn the body parts together, my cat decided that it was a plaything. She tore the nose up a bit so I had to do some trimming. But I don’t know — I think it adds character. Anyway, I’ve started the second hot air balloon and I’m not sure which animal will be its passenger, but I have plenty of books and online patterns to choose from …

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